Amelia Barr: Worship To Satisfy Him

May 8

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous. ~ Amelia Barr

What a vast array of music I’ve been exposed to. I’ve seen God’s version of a worship service and the world’s version. I think the main difference is who is glorified and gratified. Worldly worship gratifies the self and glorifies that sinful nature. God’s worship serves only to acknowledge His nature and glorify Him. There can be none of me in His worship.

What engages people in worship? The leader doesn’t engage the people. (And I’ll argue that until I’m blue in the face!) You have to want to be there. My only job is to facilitate your experience and give you as clear a path as possible into God’s presence. Isn’t it easier to do something that gratifies you rather then someone else? But here’s the irony: gratifying yourself glorifies Satan. Glorifying God will actually be more gratifying then anything you could ever do, but you will never know that until you actually do it and do so willingly. Not for yourself. For Him. When you do so, you’ll be surprised at what you walk away with. 

Peace. Sean G.

Today’s Scripture: Isaiah 30:21

21 And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.


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