Created By Obedience

June 29

2015-06-18 23.25.42

We are created with a desire to obey. Though it is not in our inherent nature to do so, we must strive to find our way back to the place where obedience lies. God made us not to just obey but to want to obey and we must find that desire once more, within us. This desire fight against the sin nature we were born with but make no mistake: that desire to obey is in us and when we unlock it, we can experience a life full of power and peace. Our obedience voids all fear.

The hand-prints are all around me, in a constant swirl of aberrational mystery. God’s hand remains ever on me yet His hand-prints sometimes fade and that is what I must beware of continually, that it never fades. The world must always be able to look at me and see God’s prints all over my life. Every word uttered, every thought spoken, any idea expressed, each act shared… all must have that in common; the original and undeniable mark and print of the Almighty. You will always see it most evident in the desire to obey.

Peace, SAG

Today’s Scripture: Judges 21:25

25 In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.


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