Henry Knox: When Fortune Frowns

July 29 

“We want great men who, when fortune frowns, will not be discouraged.” Henry Knox

The aches and pains are often deeper then what I can rub away. When sitting hurts as much as getting up and moving, well… I’m at a loss. Pain can seldom be ignored but it’s not always easy to know how to make it go away or even ease it. Looking to God’s Word is a great place to start.

There will be these days when nothing seems to fall into place. And though I’m not expected to like it, I must never let these days defeat me entirely. Whether the anguish and discouragement comes from a physical set of circumstances or mental or even spiritual, I must remember that even in these times it is I who always holds the advantage. I can not afford to stay long in my feelings of discouragement, for the longer I rest there, the more likely I am to remain there.

I climb out of the pits of despair, particularly after the worst of defeats, by simply tuning my heart to the God of my Salvation and singing His glorious praises. I am not happy for these sufferings or these pains that I feel… but I am able to rejoice, knowing that He is with me and He has suffered along side me. He has given me the way to retreat and so I retreat – back into the safety of His assurances for my good-will and blessed life. I rise up again. I am mended. And I am renewed to begin the battles all over again – once more, as always – with Him at my side. This is the place I find solitude in, as I rub away the aches  while I smile. Peace to you, today. Sean G.

Today’s Scripture: Romans 5:3

3 More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance

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