George Whitefield: On the Full Stretch

August 2

“I am never better than when I am on the full stretch for God.”

~ George Whitefield

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Why do you suppose hope waits until the last possible moment to appear? Have we not seen hope? Have we missed out on hope? Or do we simply not understand what hope is and so cannot recognize the hope we encounter each day? Have I even failed to recognize that I am able to BE Hope’s manifestation through my obedience in Christ?

Our misconception of Hope stems from an inaccurate view of what IS Hope. Hope is not past tense nor future tense, Hope is present tense. The Hope in things not seen that Paul speaks of is the so much a part of the fundamental character of our Savior, Christ Jesus. Hope IS Christ and Christ is Hope, they are one in the same and this is what we have such difficulty understanding. Yet we see hope as things unseen, things which may or may not come to pass. “I hope this happens” or I “hope that happens” when in fact true Hope, Hope in Christ – the Hope of Christ – the Hope that IS Christ – isn’t something we should wonder in our human “hopefulness” may come to pass… it already has. We should come up with another word for what we call hope but maybe the reason we can’t find another word for it is… it doesn’t exist.

We either Hope in Christ or we do not. And if I really trust in Christ; if I’ve truly put my trust in Him, then I have no reason to “wonder” or “hope” for my future. It’s already been secured in Him. Whatever happens, I don’t have to hope for any certain outcome – because I already Hope in Christ and that is Hoping in things I can be certain even things that may be currently unseen. That’s a Hope worth walking in confidently.

Peace, SAG


Today’s Scripture: 2 John 1:6

And this is love, that we walk according to his commandments; this is the commandment, just as you have heard from the beginning, so that you should walk in it.


One thought on “George Whitefield: On the Full Stretch

  1. Thank you, Sean, for the post. For more on George Whitefield, I would like to invite you to the website for the book series, The Asbury Triptych Series. The trilogy based on the life of Francis Asbury, the young protégé of John Wesley and George Whitefield, opens with the book, Black Country. The opening novel in this three-book series details the amazing movement of Wesley and Whitefield in England and Ireland. The book also richly brings to life the life-changing effect on a Great Britain sadly in need of deliverance from addiction to gin and illiteracy. Black Country also details the Wesleyan movement’s effect on the future leader of Christianity in the American colonies, Francis Asbury. The website for the book series is Again, thank you, for the post.

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