John Calvin: The Confidence of My Praise

Take time to understand and let this sink in: that God rejoices with singing… over you.

StationVI Blog

August 5

There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit than confidence in our own intelligence.” ~ John Calvin

“He will rejoice in gladness (over you)

He is in our midst

With Your love You quiet me

Your Grace I cannot resist

You are The Mighty One

You are The Saving One

So powerful, so merciful

You are the Mighty One who saves

He will rejoice with singing (over you)

He is in our midst

Anchored in the mercy and strength

Of Your Love

Fueled in the Grace and the Power

Of Your Joy

I will, I will sing, I will sing forever more

Of Your Name”

~ Sean Gutteridge

Where do your praises rise? I am amazed when I look around and see the smiling faces in my church. It fills me with such satisfaction and Joy. How could I not be joyful and filled with…

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