Duke Ellington: An Uncomfortable Burden

StationVI Blog

August 28

“My attitude is never to be satisfied, never enough, never.”

~ Duke Ellington

I often contemplate the balance between free-will, permissive will and perfect will; what can happen and what God ultimately wants to happen. On one hand, we have choices we are allowed to make and yet, the Word says many are the plans of man but God’s Will (or plans) prevail. I don’t believe that’s an inconsistency in the scriptures. But there’s something hidden there which holds the key to a balanced life. It’s easy to say “Just obey God; follow His will.” It’s not that easy. Nothing ever IS, where the human spirit is concerned.

How do you respond to the things that God lays upon your heart? Where do you turn when burdened? How desperate and fervent are your prayers to be heard by God or have they become mere actions of pretenses only…

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