Oswald Chambers: In This State of Humility

August 30

“When a man is at his wits end it is not a cowardly thing to pray. It is the only way he can get in touch with reality.”  ~ Oswald Chambers


There is nothing more beautiful then a humble heart; nothing so pure as a contrite spirit. God oppresses the proud; I am on my knees tonight.

Have I allowed God’s supernatural grace to position me into a state of BEING good in motive & not just in action? This is the very question Oswald Chambers posed to me today in my morning devotion and it grips me – I cannot stop thinking and pondering this very question. Far too often, to the naked eye, my actions are above reproach but it’s in the motives where things get a little murky. It seems funny to say “have I allowed” but humility is a position just as much it is a state.

I can be positioned by God and I can position myself out of sheer will-power. It is the state of humility which I seek to be found in. I will walk in Truth, tomorrow, just as I have today. But the longer I find myself NOT in a pure state of humility the more difficult it may become for God to get me there. Even more impossible will I be able to position myself there because I will eventually stop desiring to be there. But in prayer, through praise, in seeking this position out moment by moment I can become more and more comfortable there that my longing to stay and reside there overtakes my current goal of just visiting there on occasion.

What a great place to be when God no longer needs to humble me because He finds me already there, basking in His presence in true humility and gratitude. And that is where it begins… A gratitude born of praise as I acknowledge everything about sovereign placement above ALL things – particularly myself. It’s not difficult to recognize His un-surpassing Grace but I still must yield to it fully… in times of trouble and in times of tranquil peace and quiet. Let your humility raise your hearts to a more consistent state of humbleness before Him. Peace, SAG


Today’s Scripture: 2 John 1:4

4 I rejoiced greatly to find some of your children walking in the truth,

just as we were commanded by the Father.


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