The Expression of Love



“Love cannot be be doused nor purchased. Hugs cannot be faked

… you can tell a cheap imitation of both a mile away.”

Hugs work, they do. Hugs are my favorite parts of forgiveness and apologies, hugs seal the deal. They say “I still love you and everything is gonna be alright.” Hugs say we are going to work all these things out, we are going to move through this, we are going on and we are forgiven. Hugs set things back on track. They give comfort and assurance. Hugs offer safe arms to collapse into. I like hugs. I like giving them and I like getting them. Yes… I am a hugger. Drives my wife crazy because I hug everybody. (I gotta watch that sometimes… some people don’t like hugging, believe it or not.) I hug the mail person, I hug the neighbors and the guy jogging in the mornings if he’s not moving fast enough. I hug visitors at church and people who have been coming to church for years. I hug band members and children workers. I hug kids and grandparents – I am an indiscriminate hugger, I’ll hug everyone. The only people I won’t hug are clowns and Zombies. Seriously… that’s about it. When meeting new people I have to tell myself “don’t hug, don’t hug… you might freak ’em out!” and over the years I’ve learned how to discern who the huggers are and who the anti-huggers are. I’ve learned how to disguise hugs and soften hugs by coming up with variations of the hug. There’s the half hug, the side hug, the quick “in and out” hug which says “Hey… I’m a hugger but you might not be – that’s cool – I respect that”. There’s the back slap then retreating “surprise” hug as someone is walking away. There’s even the “air” hug which says “there’s a hug over here waiting for you! Come get some of this Joy!” and even the arm around-pat-on-the-back slight-lean-into-the-person “was that a hug?” hug that leaves them perplexed. I kinda like that one. Especially when I’m dealing with a full-blown anti-hugger.

But the best hugs are between the people I love most. The best hugs are full contact, wrap-you-in-my-arms-squeeze-till-it-hurts hugs. And they are always most satisfying when they come unannounced or even after an apology. I’m glad I’m raising little huggers. Because my children hug better then anyone and their hugs are my favorite of all. I don’t know of anytime I would pass up one of their hugs. Hugs assure the hugg-ee that all is well in our little universe in which we share space together. Love is sealed in a hug and really… how can you NOT like that? Love cannot be quenched by anything and as Hugs are an outward sign of a truly strong and irrepressible Love, I’ll take all the hugs I’ve ever received from my children, wife, loved ones and friends over all the money in the world… that’s how much I Love hugs. Hug somebody today – or at the very least, let someone hug you. Peace, Sean Gutteridge

Today’s Scripture:

Song of Solomon 8:7

7 Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, he would be utterly despised.


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