Sanctified For Purpose


[Written while in Uganda]

“Justification is instant from the moment we accept Christ, it happened immediately due to the cross. The PROCESS of becoming Christ-like is Sanctification”

~ Pastor Matt Porter

Sometimes a mile feels like an inch

Sanctification is a process, but it’s not simply some process we must endure. When we understand that we are being refined through the process of Sanctification for a great and divine purpose, what Joy and excitement this should bring to our very souls!

How far am I prepared to let God go in sanctifying me and what am I prepared to do? This process of being made like Christ requires my willingness to allow God’s Holy Spirit complete access to the deepest recesses of my heart and soul. It requires a compete and thorough cleaning out. I cannot hide even the smallest thing away from Him.

Until I am willing to grant God full access to everything I’ve been trying to hold onto, His sanctifying process within me can never be fully completed. Don’t short change God’s sanctifying process. Let go. Let God start within you a completely fresh and new rebuilding project so that you can be transformed into the child and servant He envisions. He desperately desires us to be renewed completely and fully. But unless we are willing to be equally transparent in His transformation, our sanctification through Christ will only go so far… it can only go as far as our desire allows it.

Peace, Sean G.

Today’s Scripture:

1 Thessalonians 4:3

3 For this is the will of God, your sanctification


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