Called By Name


[Written while in Uganda]


He calls me by name. Yes… It’s that simple. So are you ignoring that fact or do you heed the Word of The Lord and if so, then is your struggle with fear, pride, selfishness or doubt? When there is spiritual turmoil, often the first place we must look is too often the one place we do not… our heart. When we cannot hear His voice, we are not hearing. When we cannot see His Will, we are not searching. When we cannot feel His presence, we are not still. There have been many moments where His voice seems silent, when His Will seems absent or unclear, when His presence seems distant. But when my heart is aligned to His and my soul is trusting in His perfect provision, my spirit will be settled and confident that He still guides me. He just may be speaking and leading in a manner that my heart doesn’t quite recognize. Yet, aligned with His, my heart will not panic – it will simply trust and obey.

God doesn’t want to make us perfect people of what He can do, God’s purpose is to make us perfectly one with Him. We should be looking for the place where we stop asking “how, Lord?”, “where, Lord?”, and “why, Lord?” and start asking the only relevant questions “what now” and “what more” can I do for You, Lord? This is what the aligned heart longs to know and once our hearts are aligned, even as turmoil overtakes us physically, the spiritual turmoil subsides because all the aligned heart wants to know is this: “Am I doing everything possible for You, Lord?!”

One step further beyond our doubt is an unflinching, unquestionable obedience. What we find one step beyond our doubt is a commitment to His Truth and a love for God’s most desirable Will. Beyond doubt we find a desire for all things God and our thirst for His Will becomes unquenchable. Align your hearts today and step beyond your doubt and His answers will become deafening. Peace, Sean Gutteridge

Today’s Scripture:

John 10:3

3 To him the gatekeeper opens. The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.


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