The Ingenuity of His Calling


[Written while in Uganda]


Today, I am given cause to pause and reflect on what I’ve seen while in Uganda. It is sometimes difficult to grasp, completely, the manner and power in which God is moving, here.

What strikes me most is how differently my mind operates in Uganda. There are still struggles and issues that I grapple with – but I do feel as if I am a different servant altogether. Yes, I will always have my “Sean” moments…! But I think differently and respond differently. My heart rate steadies. Fear and doubt are absent. My ability to accept each moment as it comes regardless of the conditions of said moments… well, I do confess that I’m not too sure that I recognize the guy staring back at me! (He’s still no saint but he’s a lot more chill then his American counter-part!) One reason could be the absence of all the complexities of the human emotions and needs. Void of these complexities, I find it so much easier to clearly hear the voice of God and all He is commanding me to do. There is very little interference between His voice and my ears and that is perhaps one of my favorite reasons for making these trips: the clarity of hearing God speak with fewer distractions.


I should be able to translate this back home. There is no good reason why I can’t but I also recognize that while it IS possible and this is the goal, distractions are a part of everyday living. So I gotta deal with them and keep trying to learn how to do back home what seems so easy here, even in the midst of all distractions.


Perhaps here, in the mission fields of Uganda, it is easier to also see the Wisdom and Grand design of the Almighty. Seeing first hand how He is doing so many incredible things in so many lives, here, it isn’t possible for me to attribute even one thing to human wisdom or ingenuity. Perhaps back home it’s easier to forget that God and His Mind are behind everything wonderful that happens. Not that I ever intend to take credit for God’s work, but… it’s entirely possible that when His work is credited to me, well… I don’t always stop to correct people!

Sean faded

I love it here and truth be known (although I seriously doubt this is any secret) I equally love the work He has me doing back home, too. Working for The Lord on two continents, well… I can’t think of a better way to live then in His service while always trying to improve upon how clearly I am able to hear His commands. The ingenuity of His calling is remaining the same wherever I may be, but He will position us on occasion where we are better able to see and clearly understand the magnitude of that calling and His Will.

Peace, Sean Gutteridge

Today’s Scripture: 1 John 5:5

5 Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes

that Jesus is the Son of God?



3 thoughts on “The Ingenuity of His Calling

    • That’s a great idea, for sure! Thanks for the comment AND for giving me some ideas to chew on, for a future “mini-blog” series idea! It’s certainly a topic which one could spend a great deal of time on – and it sounds like you’re doing just that!

      I look forward to carving out some time to read what you have to say on the subject. It sounds like this is something the Lord has placed strongly upon your heart! Many blessings to you!
      Sean G.

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