His Orchestration of Opportunities


[Written while in Uganda]


Circumstances are not by chance. God orchestrates everything into His opportunities. I see this very clearly, today. I may not tomorrow. Chambers makes a great point when he states “Am I making the Holy Spirit’s work difficult by trying to do His work myself?” How clearly I see this principle in Uganda! How much of His work AM I trying to do and as a result, how much time is wasted in doing so? I’m neglecting so much of where I can be most effective, especially in regards to my prayers and even my availability to do what He really needs me to do and be where He needs me to be.

It’s interesting the clarity I have today! When God needs me in Uganda, then He will get me there. When God needs me in Oklahoma City, He will keep me there. Fascinating that it’s the keeping part that I resist more then the going. Maybe it’s because the work back home tends to be centered more around teaching me lessons and principles that I haven’t quite mastered yet – as if back home is where the studying and hard work happens and then, when I’m ready, He finally sends me out!

Ngariam (2010) Day 8-11 007 (2)

Regardless of where I am, I am thankful for each opportunity He brings my way. So don’t hear me wrong when I say being away feels more exciting, sometimes, because my greatest blessings are certainly back at home! My greatest ministry happens back at home, too, and I never learn as much about myself as when I back home in the grind doing the day to day work that prepares me for the next big adventure – whether that’s in Uganda or a prison yard or even somewhere around the corner from my home! So I do my best to prayerfully be alert not only to the lessons I need to master but to the opportunities He brings before when He feels that I am fully ready for. Where to go from here? Home… to a family I miss, to people I am longing to lead once again and to hot showers and home cooked meals! But today – with great clarity – I thank The Lord once more for each opportunity He gives me to serve Him. And… I enjoy being given a moment to stop and reflect on God, His calling only life and lessons both learned and those still to come. Time to get back home to the classroom!

Peace, Sean Gutteridge

Today’s Scripture:

Colossians 4:2

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.









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