The Whole Will


[Written while in Uganda] 


“The moments when I truly live are the moments when I act with my whole will.”

(OZ Chambers)

But it takes my whole Will. Not an ounce can be left behind. I must determine to be dominated by God’s Will. Put your will in a position to lose by putting it face to face with God’s Will. Our will won’t stand a chance against His when we force the issue.

Are we submitting to God, to the World, or to other outside forces? Whose opinions do we seek and listen to more then the Holy Spirit? And how much credence do we give God on a daily basis? If His Will isn’t dominating every aspect and area of my life, then I will be lacking and regardless of how well things appear to be going, something will always seem off balance and out of whack.

It’s easy to know what we want – we teach our children early how to ask for things but fail to teach them how to ask what God wants. It becomes a difficult thing to learn because we’ve not been programmed to look beyond the needs and desires of our own hearts. Attending to these desires is at the very core of the sinful nature we’ve been born into. At the moment Christ enters our hearts, the battle between the desires of my flesh and the desires of His Spirit begins.


So what is it that God really wants? Am I asking this of myself each day? Asking this question is the beginning of my heart’s submission to His Spirit. Replacing those desires with His is the final step in my submission to the Will of God. But a difficult journey that can be! Though it shouldn’t be, the sinful nature makes it difficult. It does not die easily. The only way to bring my flesh into full submission is to reckon the desires of my flesh with the works of what Christ has done for me and stand them side by side to compare which Will is worth following: the will of a fallen, sinful man? Or that of a merciful God and Loving Savior? This is an odd thing to think about, but consider this: my will, when driven by my own flesh, will lead me always to death and destruction. It will destroy me. But the Will of God, driven by His Spirit will always lead me to life and spiritual prosperity. It seems like such an easy choice but the battle of Wills, the fight between His Spirit and my flesh is the battle I’ll fight until my final breath. If I can lose the battle of Wills; if God’s Will begins to dominate more and more each day, then I’ll find that in this one instance, losing will lead to such a glorious life of abundance & joy. Living fully submitted to God’s Will, as Chambers stated, is truly living. Peace, SAG

Today’s Scripture: Colossians 2:20

20 If with Christ you died to the elemental spirits of the world, why, as if you were still alive in the world, do you submit to regulations




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