This is StationVI, a place to find updates about everything that’s going on; where God is using us, where He is leading us and what we are playing. StationVI is much more then just a name I came up with for my band or even my music. It’s intended to signify what we are pursuing…what pursues us… and what has caught me…

Logo used (Via Dela Rosa in Jerusalem)

There are topics, ideas, theology and misgivings born from  frustration and exhilaration while experiencing human life as an all to fallible man. I’m no longer chasing after purpose…I am running, now, WITH purpose like a mad-man runs into darkness, with reckless abandonment, tripping quite often along the way. Yet, my life began at Station VI and I continue to write music, think thoughts, sing songs and dwell upon this amazing (and miraculous) mystery. God IS a mystery, but because of Station VI, His son has become my close friend.

I just like sharing things with people. I can honestly say…I don’t even know what to expect from this Blog. I can only hope that for those following (or just checking it out) it will make you laugh, make you ponder, make you reflect on the man who was crucified for us all…at Station VI.

I really DON’T know what you might expect! I’m certainly no intellectual giant. My brothers (and my friends) are the theologians. I just think too much! Through encouragement and humor (and a little insight now and then) I write to relieve some of this pressure off my over-loaded brain! But I also hope to make people feel… they are truly loved at Station VI.

Given what happened there, Station VI seemed appropriate for a band name – a name to house the music God has given me to write – a name to offer simple explanations of God’s Word – a name to usher prayers that I know are heard. Station VI is where humanities hope in itself died and where Hope in something eternal first caught breath. Great musicians will always come and go – even my own abilities will ebb and flow, back and forth – but as long as I have breath…as long as I am seeking God’s will…as long as I am humbled before His throne, imperfect man that I am…I will always have Station VI with me. In every situation, every season and every success and failure. “For my only power and success…come from God.” Station VI in thought, prayer AND music… can only be about that. I can’t take Christ out of Himself! So let’s go find out what we can see?!


There’s a lot of exciting things coming up – some of which I don’t even have any idea about…and that’s the true beauty of  Station VI…this is the place  where hope rises.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sean –
    So glad you and I are FB friends now. I went to your FB page that led me to your StationVI blog and then to the post on GW’s Hour, Romans 7, etc.
    I really like the blog. You write well and your thoughts are quite meaningful. Strikes me as a site I’ll refer to for topics, ideas, and encouragement that I can use in my writing. I will surely be logging in. Keep up the good work, sir! –
    Paul Tompkins

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Paul! I’m glad to hook up with you as well! I appreciate the encouragement. The blog is merely meant as a daily encouragement for the five people who read it. I’m no theologian but I love to study the word and do these devotions. And sometimes it’s nothing more then my thoughts on what God is doing through me and speaking to me. I appreciate you checking it off.


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