Shades of Darkness/Rays of Light


[Written while in Uganda]

Ngariam (2010) Day 8-11 013

What does my obedience say? Once I understand who God is and accept what God has done in my life… and then choose NOT to obey… what does that say about me?

I either believe in the sovereignty of God and His Higher Power over all things or I do not. There can be no in between. We can live in Light or in darkness – even the shadows are shades of darkness… will I choose the Darkness once the Light has shined upon my life? My obedience is my deep recognition of God’s Holiness, Power and His sovereignty over my own life. Chambers says that “it is an indifference to God’s Grace how abominable I am if I come to the Light… but woe to me if I refuse it.”

Lord, let my obedience move me beyond mere duty and into a deeper state of desire and longing! The shades of darkness ultimately freeze my soul, but in my obedience I will be moved even deeper into the warming rays of His illuminating Light. If the Light of Christ cares nothing about the state it finds me in, how can I dare refuse it? Show me a better alternative! His Grace may BE indifferent to my tainted and wretched state but there is no way I will be found showing indifference to that same Grace. Let my obedience prove it! Peace, Sean Gutteridge

Ngariam (2010) cross way

Today’s Scripture:

Acts 9:6-9

6 But rise and enter the city, and you will be told what you are to do.”


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